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The Gerbing Liner electrically heated inner jacket is a fantastic product for winter riders on the motorcycle. You wear this jacket under the regular motorcycle jacket and it is heated at the chest, back, collar and sleeves. All vital organs stay warm, which keeps you sharp on the go!


General information:
- Supplied with a battery cable.
- To be used on a 12V vehicle or with a separate battery.
- Water resistant durable Thinsulate® insulation.
- Equipped with inner and outer pockets.
- Silky soft Micro Denier collar.
- Easy fitting pattern for comfortable and easy wearing under normal clothes.
- Equipped with glove plugs in the sleeves (to be stored when not in use).
- Double connection so that the jacket can be connected separately from the gloves.
- Teflon® coated, wind-resistant, soft nylon lining.
- Equipped with 4 elements for full heating of the lower body.
- Equipped with the Microwire® heating system, the most efficient and sustainable way of heating.

Use on vehicle with 12V battery:
- Wonderfully warm on the motorcycle, moped, scooter, small fishing boat, tractor or mobility scooter.
- No separate batteries required. The jackets are led to the vehicle's 12V battery via cables.
- Using Gerbing batteries is not recommended. The driving wind at higher speeds causes too much heat loss.

Use for outdoor/leisure time:
- This is possible with a 5Ah, 7Ah or 9Ah battery from Gerbing.
- The battery is connected to a Y-cable, which is carried in the jacket pocket.  


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Color Black
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Gerbing Heated Inner Jacket Liner (HJL)

Manufacturer Gerbing Product number: HJL-XXXL
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On the heating elements of the product.

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On controllers and batteries.

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About the batteries

The battery life may vary depending on the ambient temperature. The capacity of the battery decreases as it gets colder. At temperatures below 0°C, the capacity will still be +/- 80%.

To extend the life of the batteries, keep them charged to at least 25% at all times, even when the batteries are not turned on or not in use. Think of the summer period. Therefore, charge the batteries once a month.

Tip: write this down in your calendar.

Safety 12V products​

It is important to understand that our 12V products are designed to keep you warm in the most extreme cold situations. That is why it is important to check your skin regularly when using our products in warmer weather conditions. Our 12V products will feel warmer when the temperature rises and it can cause burns. Our advice is to always use a temperature controller. An outside temperature of 5°C and lower is the ideal temperature for our heated products.

Remember: warmth is very personal.

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