The information and warranty conditions below have been drawn up by Gerbing. Do you have any questions before you want to register a warranty? We advise you to contact Gerbing directly. You will then receive the fastest answer. Click here to go to Gerbing's contact page.

Lifetime warranty on heating elements

Gerbing gives a lifetime warranty on the coated heating wires used in the gloves. This does not include connection cables that are visible from the outside. In many cases, this cable can be repaired for a small amount.

365 day warranty on the clothing

The non-electrical components of Gerbing products have a warranty of one year after purchase. If there is anything wrong with the stitching or material caused by manufacturing defects in the first year after purchase, Gerbing will repair the defect free of charge.

90 day warranty on batteries and chargers

Gerbing batteries and chargers have a standard warranty period of 90 days after purchase. If changes have been made by third parties, the warranty will be void. The warranty provisions do not cover defects caused by accidents, misuse and negligence.

Tips to use the batteries for a long time:
It is important to charge the battery regularly and to always keep at least 25% of the capacity in the battery, even when not in use (summer). Batteries can only be used for Gerbing products that use less wattage than the battery can handle.

Warranty checklist

  • Determine whether the defect is covered by the warranty provision.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for repairs.
  • Provide the warranty with a letter containing a description of the defect and sender's address.
  • Add a copy of proof of purchase (without receipt; no warranty)

Register warranty

  • Go to
  • Complete the warranty form at the bottom.
  • Wait for a response from Gerbing before sending anything.
  • You arrange everything directly with Gerbing.